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Did you get a chance to enter the Ville of Nash

t-shirt giveaway earlier this month? Well, I hope so! If not, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to hear about more upcoming giveaways that you’ll love! Continue Reading

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Dear Wayne Grudem (and other Trump-Stumping Theologians):

While many prominent pastors and Christians refuse to stump for Donald Trump, theologians like Wayne Grudem and others have come out of the...

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ParentingRare Disease

Therapy Thursday: 50% off Calmer – a book to help with your child’s medical trauma

If your child has a chronic medical condition, then you’ve probably encountered challenges with medical trauma. Or maybe someone else...

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5 Ways for Tired Women to Reconnect With God

I’m tired. Tired. Tired. Are you with me? For me, it’s been awhile coming and for those who know me and my schedule,...

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Visit the “Ville of Nash” shop (and how to win a free shirt)!

After lots of excitement from friends, family, and visitors, we’ve made “Ville of Nash” into a new line of t-shirts and...

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