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So you may be noticing a theme….

In the Behind the Music post for “Seeing Ghosts”, you saw that I wrote that song on a flight to Austin, Texas earlier this year. Not surprisingly, I seem to have a nostalgic love for the state of Texas (only second to Tennessee, of course). Texas: Boots, horses, BBQ, gentlemen cowboys, and G.W., what more could you ask for? (Shout out in a comment if you’re from Texas!)

But strangely enough, it wasn’t any of that that inspired this song.

It was Facebook.

So the story goes…. A friend of mine planned to move to Texas. She went to visit the state and loved it so much that when she had to return home to pack and actually make the move happen, she penned a Facebook post to the great state beginning with, “Dear Texas….”

I’ve since come to learn that lots of people pen letters to an inanimate set of boundary lines, or maybe its entire population, its culture, its nostalgia.


I’d like to believe that 38,000 of my closest friends are sharing and commenting about my song (please do!), but alas, I think it just goes to show that there really is a song everywhere you look (remember hammer, nail?).

Interestingly (if only as a highlight of my aging brain), I can’t remember which of my friends wrote the original post, so if it was you, speak up and tag me in the post so I can highlight it!

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I went to Texas, turned my back on Tennessee
When she turned her back on me
Tore my heart in little pieces and threw them to the wind
I was never going back again
But then a letter came in the door
It said what I’ve been waiting for
She wrote, dear Texas, when you coming back for me
Love Tennessee

Dear Texas
Love Tennessee
Dear Texas

So I drove from Texas all the way back to Tennessee
To find the woman that I need
Climbed the porch and peeking through the door
Was a little version of me
I looked into his eyes
It came as no surprise to me
He said, dear Texas, did you come back for me
To Tennessee

Dear Texas
Love Tennessee
Dear Texas

I didn’t know what I was missing
‘Til she stepped out and kissed me on the porch
And said

I know you love Texas
But stay right here in Tennessee
I’ll be everything you need
And this little boy will bring you to your knees
Meet Tennessee

Dear Texas
Meet Tennessee
Dear Texas
Love Tennessee





Last modified: December 31, 2017

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