Letter No. 14: Dear Mothers


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Dear young, innocent, typical Mothers,

There was a day when I was just like you. My children were beautiful (but energetic), they were healthy (but sometimes snotty), and I …

I was innocent.

Those Mother’s Days were good.

I didn’t know kids died.

I didn’t know my kid was going to have a disease so terrible.

If someone had told me, “You can do something, and change people’s lives,” I would have wanted to know that.

Because it’s hard to get dropped into that world.

And figure out how to swim.

Please help us swim.

So this is me telling you:   

You can do something and change people’s lives.

If you don’t know our story, a little over eight years ago, our son Case was diagnosed with Hunter Syndrome, also known as Mucopolysaccharidosis or MPS II. I’ve spent eight years trying to save him and make life better for the families who come along after us.


  1. Watch the above video trailer.
  2. Go to at ProjectAlive.org and enter your email at the bottom to get notified of the documentaries as they are released over the next few weeks. [if you don’t know much about Hunter Syndrome or gene therapy, there is some great content and a few videos on there]
  3. Give at ProjectAlive.org/donate/ or by texting ALIVE to 91999.
  4. Personally share this effort with 3 people, telling them why it matters to you OR connect us with someone you know with an influential platform to give this campaign a national voice.

Thank you. Case thanks you. These boys and these families thank you.









Last modified: December 31, 2017

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