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Project Alive

has now released 4 episodes of a mini-documentary series featuring Hunter Syndrome families like ours. When the producer of the series from Caravan (also a father of a boy with Hunter Syndrome) approached us about being the subject of one of the episodes, Chris and I were initially very reluctant.

It’s one thing to be pushing for a cure. It’s quite another to put your family out there on film.

And our experience with Hunter Syndrome is not necessarily the typical one. I wanted the world to clearly see the sorrow I watch over and over of what this disease is doing to so many children I know. No, our experience is not typical.

But he had some fair points about wanting to tell our story.

I hope you’ll step into our story, and consider sharing and supporting our mission to save kids with Hunter Syndrome at ProjectAlive.org/donate.

If you’ve gotten to the end of the video and haven’t donated yet, please join so many others in supports our goal of saving these kids. If you’d like to give and share it with many others to maximize your giving, feel free to donate via GoFundMe as well.



Last modified: December 31, 2017

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